Time Changes and Note About Playoffs

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All games on or after 10/25 have been moved up 20 minutes to compensate for the shortened daylight hours. These changes are reflected on both the Master Schedule and individual team schedules.

Regarding playoffs, as of the last day of the regular season (currently Nov. 1) all rosters will be locked and no changes/additions will be permitted. For EACH playoff game all players will be required to provide a government-issued photo ID.

The referees will have a copy of the ACTIVE roster. Only players on this roster who have a jersey with a MATCHING # and corresponding ID will be permitted to play. That means that if a player does not have a listed jersey # on the roster by the end of the regular season they will not be permitted to play, no exceptions. All players have the ability to enter in this information as do you. Players should also be sure that their roster name matches their ID.

Posted by Eric Wirth, Created Thu Oct 16, 2008, Updated Thu Oct 16, 2008

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