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Last Updated: Sun Sep 19, 2010

As many of you know, there were some problems at the Pennypack fields on Saturday. Basically, there was a conflict with some rugby event.

Anyway --

Casa has permits for 4 fields at Pennypack every Saturday through Nov. 25.

We're going to put those permits in the hands of more people so they're always available to show someone in the event of a conflict.

Likewise, we have 1 field at Philly Soccer Club on the Saturdays denoted on the league schedule.

At no other time do we have permits for these fields, unless specifically granted permission.
That means PSC is off limits unless you get a permit through PSC.
It means no special privileges at Pennypack Park, though it's obviously a public park so you can use the fields like anyone else. (Which means that yes, you can reschedule a game for a Sunday if you're willing to take a chance that a field there is open, which they often are.)

Any questions, hit up Ryan Pine or me -- pr ... ... or vi ... ...

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